About Us


ALTECO is a broad partnership of Christian individuals and organizations that focus on the empowerment and holistic development of the 400+ tribal nations of the Amazon basin and lowlands of South America.

We assist tribal leaders in forming their own networks and infrastructures, so they can better coordinate their leadership resources and assume greater responsibility and autonomy.

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Our Mission

We exist to walk alongside and support the indigenous Church of the Amazon & Lowland Regions of South America by stirring up unity, respect, and cooperation among existing missionary forces.

Our Vision

We want to see a strong, thriving indigenous Church in the Amazon & Lowland Regions of South America fulfilling the Great Commission – discipling indigenous believers and reaching unreached people groups with the transformational message of the Gospel.

ALTECO strives to enhance sustainable progress in areas of:


Spiritual Guidance


Human Rights

Economic Development

Capacity Building

Core Values

Cooperation Oriented:

We respect, mobilize, and cultivate healthy relationships with each missionary force of the Three Waves Movement in the Amazon region- the tribal church, Latin National church, and foreign missionaries. We strive to engage catalytic partnerships and networks, to intentionally unite under mutual goals & common objectives, and to comprehend and enjoy our need for diversity in the body of Christ.

Indigenous Driven:

We honor the voice of indigenous leadership and strive to promote their sense of God's vision and dreams for their nations. We support initiatives that are sustainable and culturally appropriate within the indigenous context.

Great Commission Focused:

We facilitate training and advocate for equipping indigenous believers in the local tribal church to make disciples of Jesus across the Amazon and Lowland Regions of South America. We pursue holistic progress that values spiritual growth alongside livelihood issues.