viki headshot

Viki Kooiman


North America

As God weaves together the stories of our lives, He often brings experiences from the past back to light. After being familiar with and supporting ALTECO for several years, Viki joined our team in 2021 to serve as Administrator.

Viki was interested in other cultures around the world even as a child. When she first visited South America as a teenager, she never imagined that many years later God would allow her the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing there. Today when she looks up from her laptop in Kentucky to admire an old photo of the sun setting over the Amazon and then back down to crafting newsletters that assist indigenous leaders in unreached areas, she is filled with awe and thankfulness for the way God works.

Viki has a passion for serving others, strengthening families & communities, and supporting leadership. This led her to build a background in areas of social work, TESOL, customer service, and urban ministry. These experiences helped her see greater value in ‘behind the scenes activities’ and further developed her desire to support others in ways that encourage efficiency and effectiveness. As the ALTECO Administrator, she considers coordinating communications and maintaining systems to be an honor and a gift from the Lord. She loves seeing the pieces come together, trusting that the role she plays in assisting the team is a small part of something much, much greater.