Our Teams

Country Coordinators

Chris and Tina Ferry – Ecuador

Chris and Tina serve with a passion for intimate discipleship and encouragement ministries as Country Coordinators in Ecuador. Located in Shell, Ecuador, the Ferry family is refining language skills, learning about indigenous and national cultures around them, and developing foundational relationships with several indigenous Christian leaders and their families. Building upon established and ever-growing relationships, Chris and Tina are active members of an tribal empowerment center launch team (CENTA). In cooperation with the local church, CENTA will serve as a catalytic hub to foster cooperation amongst the Three Waves, so that the indigenous nations and their partners can strengthen existing tribal churches. Georgia (age 13) and Reese (age 11) are an essential part of their ministry as they all wholeheartedly serve the Lord as a family in Ecuador.

Visit the Ferry’s blog: http://www.ferryfamilynewfrontiers.blogspot.com/


Drake and Megan Sprague – Panama

As the ALTECO Research Coordinators, the Spragues equip ministry leaders to gather and share information for facilitating missionary outreach across the Amazon and lowland jungles of South America. They are based in the Republic of Panama, a strategic research and support location. Drake grew up in the former Panama Canal Zone, speaks English and Spanish, and has served in Mexico, South America and Southeast Asia. While experiencing the realities of tribal ministry in the Amazon jungle in 2003, Drake was struck by the lack of ministry-relevant information available to missionaries. Seeking God’s direction to help address this need, Drake pursued advanced training as a researcher, obtaining a master’s degree in Geography with a focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Megan was raised in south Florida. She speaks English, Spanish and Thai, which she acquired while serving with a medical ministry team among tribal people groups in northern Thailand. Drake and Megan have served together in overseas ministry since 2010, including in Oaxaca, Mexico, where for two and a half years they identified and mapped the locations of ethnic people groups.

Visit the Sprague’s blog: www.drakeandmegan.com


South American Team

Enoque & Eliane Faria – Brasil

Irma Espinoza – Peru

Irma Espinoza

Juan Carlos & Zulema Sanchez – Peru

Javier & Betzabe Mayorga – Colombia

Alfredo & Enith Campo – Colombia